Sub-Zero Wine Cooler Not Cooling, Condenser Fan Problem

June 22, 2022
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Sub Zero is known for its quality, durability, and factory-tested appliances. They have the best refrigeration system, such as wine coolers, that many homeowners have to entrust with. As a wine collector, it is best to invest in an appliance that will provide you with the best storage for your wine collection. You can learn more about appliances by checking the Sub-Zero wine cooler overview.

All appliances, even if they are modern or high-end, are still prone to breakdowns. Several factors can trigger a problem with the appliance, such as its parts and components have come to an end or may be faulty. When your wine cooler doesn’t work as it should, it is vital to get it fixed immediately to prevent further complications, especially for your stored wines. A Wine Cooler Appliance Repair Technician is trained to handle different concerns that your wine cooler may have.

Regardless of whether the issue is with its lower condenser fan or other components of the wine cooler, this will be handled properly and correctly to ensure the right solution is applied. Sub-Zero Repair in La Crescenta Montrose is one of the trusted repair service companies in the area. For many years, they have been providing services to many homes regarding their Sub Zero wine cooler problems and other Sub Zero products. A team of expertly trained repair technicians guarantees to provide you with the best experience in repairing service. 

A Sub-Zero wine cooler must always be at the right cooling temperature to keep the items at the right temperature. You don’t want to serve lukewarm wine to your guests, especially if you have some gatherings at your home. Temperature is also important for the proper aging of the wines to achieve their perfect taste. If you notice that the wine cooler is not cooling, this can be due to the following:

Dirty Condenser Coils 

This is one of the most common reasons the Sub-Zero wine cooler is not cooling. These coils transform the refrigerant vapor into liquid as it flows through them, absorbing the refrigerator’s heat and cooling the interior.

 Defective Fan In Sub-Zero Wine Cooler

Another factor for the wine cooler not cooling is a defective condenser fan. The fan brings in cool, room-temperature air and circulates through the condenser coils to cool the wine cooler. Without the fan or if it is not spinning, the refrigerant used to cool the wine cooler won’t reach the temperature to do its job. If the fan is defective, it must be replaced by a professional as soon as possible.

Broken Door Gasket

When you find your Sub-Zero wine cooler is not cold enough, a broken or dirty door gasket can be the cause. The gasket seals the wine cooler’s door, keeping the cool air from leaking.

Temperature Sensor

This part of the unit monitors the different temperatures for each of the wine cooler’s racks. The sensors enable the wine cooler to store different wine types at their ideal temperature. If the sensor is not working, you will be able to notice a high temperature in the wine cooler or on a particular rack.


A Sub-Zero wine cooler is one of the important units to be able to store wines. If you notice some issues, contact Sub Zero Repair to schedule an appointment for the repair.