What Causes For A Sub Zero Ice Maker Excessive Moisture

May 31, 2022
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The Sub Zero products are known for their high quality and durability with great features that make them more convenient to use. Sub Zero refrigeration systems are built with strong materials and have been properly checked before they are available in the market for consumers to purchase. However, even a high-end appliance can still be prone to some issues which might need a professional Ice Maker Repair Company.

The repair technicians of Sub-Zero Repair In Pomona are trained to handle any issues that you might encounter with your Sub Zero appliance. A thorough diagnosis will be made to help identify the main cause of the problem and apply the best and long-lasting solution to the appliance’s problem. With this, you don’t have to worry about using it. We can also assist you in properly troubleshooting the appliance.

On the other hand, it is also a great advantage to know how to handle the Ice Maker Troubleshooting as a homeowner. In this way, any time you encounter a problem with the ice maker, you will be able to handle it and bring it back to its functionality.

The ice maker can be a standalone or part of your Sub Zero refrigerator. It is also a great advantage to your ice maker, especially during the hot summer days. Whenever you need a fresh batch of ice, you can have it anytime. However, at some point in its lifespan, you will notice excessive moisture in your ice maker. This happens due to different reasons such as the following:

  • Too much food is stored, which prevents the proper airflow in the unit.
  • A large amount of moisture is produced by the wet produce.
  • High ambient temperature or high level of humidity
  • Product problem that causes excess moisture.

Other contributing factors can cause moisture in the icemaker, such as the following:

Frequent Opening of the Door: Opening the unit’s door can cause moisture to bulls-up on its interior wall, the shelves, and the side door compartments.

High Level of Humidity: The external environment also plays an important role in building the moisture in the unit. Several factors can also affect the degree of the humidity, such as the location, season, and how well-air conditioned the area is.

Blocked Air Vents: Connecting to the freezer and the refrigerator compartments are the air vents that allow air circulation. This also helps control the temperature and prevent moisture build-up in the unit. Blocking the air vents will cause them not to work properly.

Inefficient Gasket Seal: When the condensation happens on the ceiling or along the edges of the fridge door, this is an indication that the gasket seal has a problem. The gasket seal prevents the external air from entering the unit while the door is closed.


To properly check and fix any moisture problem with your Sub Zero ice maker, you can always contact Sub Zero Repair.