Why Is My Freezer Seal Not Sealing and How To Fix

May 12, 2022
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A freezer provides another option for you to store your perishables. For it to work, it needs each of its parts to work, including the seal. This will prevent the cold air from escaping and ensure that it will retain the right temperature. But, there are times when the freezer seal won’t work as it should, which can be due to different reasons. With this, you would like to learn how to Fix a Freezer Door Seal.

Sometimes fixing the seal can be done by cleaning it properly. Debris and other food particles can cause the seal not to work. If the seal will need a professional repair, Sub Zero Repair in Santa Clarita is here to help. We provide not only refrigerator repair services, but we can also help you with Sub Zero Freezer Repair.

Usually, food particles such as dust or crumbs are present in the seal’s grooves, which is also known as the gasket. This will prevent the freezer door from properly sealing and evenly as it should be. If the freezer door is still not sealing properly after thoroughly cleaning it, this needs to be replaced instead. You will be able to determine if the freezer door seal is bad by doing a paper test. To do this, place a piece of paper between the door and the refrigerator, close the door and pull it. If the paper slips out easily, this is the time to replace the gaskets since it is no longer sealing.

If the seal or the gasket of the freezer needs a replacement, it is possible, and this step could be simple to do and won’t need much more time to complete. This is also considered one of the tasks that people wouldn’t think it is possible to do and often assume that you will need a professional repair service to fix the problem.

On the other hand, if the seal is perfectly fine, it is possible that the freezer is not level, which causes the door not to close properly or tightly. Depending on the appliance model you have, if it has a leveling door, try to adjust the front feet so that the front of the freezer is at least half an inch higher than its back. You can also use a thin strip of wood under the front of the unit so that the gravity will help keep the door closed if the model of the freezer does not have leveling feet. Another alternative way to ensure that the freezer door will seal and if other methods won’t work is to use a child safety lock to help the freezer door close until you can get the chance to replace the gasket or schedule an appointment for the repair with Sub Zero Repair.

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