Where To Find the Sub Zero Refrigerator Thermostat

May 6, 2022
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Each part of the Sub Zero refrigerator is important and it must be working in order for the unit to function properly. The refrigerator unit must maintain a cool temperature to ensure that it won’t let the food get warm which causes it to spoil. In order for you to set the proper temperature, you may want to find the Thermostat of Sub Zero Refrigerator.

However, if it shows issues in the cooling process, this will cause a big impact and may lead to further issues with the appliance. There are different possible factors for the refrigerator to have a cooling problem. Sub Zero Repair Services in Long Beach will be able to assist you to assess the problem and identify the main reason before doing the right solution to it. If you need a professional and reliable Sub Zero Refrigerator Repair, you can always count on us.

The temperature control for each of the refrigerator models of the Sub-Zero is located at the back wall of the unit near the top right. The refrigerator and the freezer controls are also both inside the refrigerator section on the left-hand side.

The thermostat controls the cooling process of the refrigerator unit by monitoring the temperature, and it switches the compressor on and off. When the sensor senses that the refrigerator is not cold enough inside, it turns off the compressor. If it senses too much heat, it will then switch the compressor on, and it begins the cooling process all over again.

It is important for the refrigerator unit to maintain its cooling temperature. This is helpful to ensure that the food and other raw ingredients you stored in the unit won’t get spoiled and will retain their quality for a certain period.

But, there are times that the thermostat can become faulty due to different reasons. When a refrigerator does not get or stay cold, this will allow for the food to spoil. If you have cleaned and vacuumed its coils behind or underneath the refrigerator and it still won’t maintain the right temperature, adjusting the thermostat to a colder setting will not do any changes. You may have a defective thermostat. When this happens, you can replace the thermostat in a few minutes but make sure to use the right tools when doing the process. It is also considered a minimal cost compared to replacing the entire refrigerator unit.

If you notice that your refrigerator unit is not cold enough, check the temperature settings or the thermostat and ensure that it is set to the right temperature. You can also refer to your user manual to ensure where to locate the thermostat and how to do the adjustments to it to ensure that it will work properly and correctly.


Refrigerators thermostats play an important role in retaining the cooling temperature of the unit. When it starts to show some problem, you can consult with Sub Zero Repair to have it checked and fix for any possible issues that it might have. Call us anytime to book an appointment at your convenience.